iSPAN: Build Better, Faster & Smarter

ISPAN is a non-combustible, premium concrete floor system. TotalJoist is a patented steel floor joist. Total-Lewis-Deck is a dovetail shaped deck with embossed ribs. It forms a very strong permanent bond with the concrete poured onto it, and acts as reinforcement for the slab. Together they form Composite Total Joist, an unbeatable combination which allows developers to build better, faster, smarter and simpler while giving owners a high quality structure at a cost effective price.


Benefits when used with ICF:

copy ICF-walls-Composite-Joists.jpg
  1. Top bearing joist (flat tail joist), Composite TotalJoist eliminates the ledger connection needed with conventional joist framing.

Nudura 2.png

2. The joists are cambered and no shoring is required.

ISPAN underneath.png

3. Pre-Punched Service Holes to run services through, reduces or eliminates bulkheads, reduces labor and schedule and increases ceiling height.